9 Which is the competent authority to turn to in cases of disputes and other legal issues?

Again, there are two different sets of regulatory frameworks (see question 1.1). According to § 8 of the Inter-Nordic regulations, a claim for division of property is assessed by the competent authority of the contracting state where a divorce or legal separation between the spouses is under way. According to § 2 of the Act (1990:272), Swedish courts also have jurisdiction in a dispute over matrimonial property related to a divorce in Sweden. In addition, there is Swedish jurisdiction if the defendant has his/her habitual residence in Sweden, if the claimant has his/her habitual residence in Sweden and Swedish law is applicable to the matrimonial property, if the issue relates to property located in Sweden or if the defendant has accepted that the matter shall be examined in Sweden. The competent court is the district court of the defendant’s habitual residence. If there is no competent court in cases of Swedish jurisdiction, the litigation may, according to § 18 of the Act (1990:272), be raised in the district court of Stockholm.