9 Which is the competent authority to turn to in cases of disputes and other legal issues?

The Finnish courts are competent for issues concerning the spouses' property, if: 1) the defendant has a domicile or a habitual residence in Finland; 2) the claimant has a domicile or a habitual residence in Finland, and Finnish law is to be applied to the spouses' property relations; 3) the last common domicile or habitual residence of the spouses was in Finland, and one of the spouses still has or had at the time of his/her death a domicile or a habitual residence there; 4) the property, which the issue is about, is situated in Finland; or 5) the defendant accepts that the issue will be examined in Finland, or he/she starts responding on the issue without filing an opposition on the lack of jurisdiction (§ 127 Marriage Act). The district court of the place where the defendant has his/her domicile or habitual residence is the competent authority. The civil registry office of Finland can register a marital agreement or a choice-of-law agreement, even if the Finnish courts have no competence to examine an issue concerning the spouses' property relations (§ 127 Marriage Act).