9 Which is the competent authority to turn to in cases of disputes and other legal issues?

The division of property after a divorce under §§ 81et seq EheG and §§ 24et seq EPG counts among the non-contested matrimonial matters. Austrian courts have international jurisdiction for such proceedings if a spouse/partner is an Austrian national or has his/her habitual residence within the country (§ 114a para. 4 Jurisdiktionsnorm, JN). Both subject matter and local jurisdiction are held by the district court (§ 104a JN), within whose district the spouses/partners had their last common habitual residence, subsidiarily the district court of the habitual residence of the defendant (§§ 114a para. 1 in conjunction with 76 para. 1 JN). If a divorce proceeding is already pending before a court and the hearings in the first instance have not yet been completed, this court has also jurisdiction for the division of the matrimonial property (§§ 114a para. 3 in conjunction with 76 para. 1 JN).